A New Beginning

Suddenly, I have a blog.

This is something that I’ve considered doing in the past, but wasn’t so sure I wanted to do. It’s not like I don’t like writing – in fact, I love writing – but there’s something intimidating about writing about yourself, knowing that other people are going to read it.

My first experience writing about myself candidly was actually in my Creative Nonfiction class, during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college. It seems like forever ago. I wrote about childhood memories, about why I am the way I am; I wrote about the traumatic and painful experiences I’ve survived and the moments when God revealed Himself in my life. I wrote about why I’m still alive. I wrote about why I’m here.

It isn’t likely that my blog posts will always be so deep. My life as a senior in college is filled with many of the same stresses, concerns, and daily happenings as all the other college seniors. But then again, I’m the only Maria Grekowicz out there. Maybe someone will come to enjoy the sound of my voice.


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