My Addiction to Yarn: February 2015 Afghans

As I mentioned in my blog page “Arbor Creations,” which is about my journey as a crocheter and my young Etsy shop, I’ve been crocheting since I was five years old. Ever since then (and you can ask my parents), yarn has been a part of my life. I would bring a skein and a crochet hook to feiseanna – Irish dance competitions – as a child, or take them backstage with me during our annual recitals, and just practice. I remember that a dance mom once complimented me when I was eleven years old; she was impressed that my stitches were so neat and asked what I was making. “I don’t know yet,” I told her.

Nowadays, I tend to plan my projects before I start them.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI spend many, many hours crocheting (and trying desperately to teach myself how to knit better). When I come home from class or work, I put on either my Christian Pandora station or my Trance station and crochet away to the music. In the last few days, I have finally finished the second of my two big works in progress: a pink and gray granny square afghan, shown above, and a colorful entrelac crochet afghan, shown below.

IMG_1882It was so thrilling to finally put these two blankets up for sale on my Etsy shop, Arbor Creations. When you take on a project as big as a blanket, you recognize that it is going to be a long time before you finish. That means that when you finally weave in the ends, putting the finishing touches on that enormous work, you will feel extremely accomplished and proud of yourself. That feeling – the recognition that I created something with my own hands, my own time, my own talent – is therapeutic in a way that nothing else is. I love the act of creating, and I love looking at my finished creation. Every stitch was my doing, and whoever buys these afghans eventually will be kept warm because I put my heart into that blanket.

Of course, immediately after I finished the pink and gray afghan, I started a new one. Keep your eyes peeled for a Gryffindor-inspired chunky throw. I just can’t help myself, I guess.


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