7 Quick Takes Friday: 3/6/15 Edition

Inspired by several other bloggers whom I enjoy reading, I have decided to start a 7 Quick Takes Friday post tradition. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically 7 things that stuck out to you from the past week. I’m excited to do these!


Because of spring break, East Quad, my usual workplace, was closed this week. This meant that I worked at another dining hall all this week, one that is probably 5 times bigger than East Quad: South Quad. Now, I worked as South Quad before it was remodeled. It was significantly smaller and less confusing than the gigantic, monstrous dining hall it has now become.

However, I really truly enjoyed myself this week. I have missed my old coworkers, their silliness, their conversations and excellent leadership. (Most of my friends are now student managers and coordinators, which means that some of them are technically my bosses now.) And, to my delight, I was able to navigate South Quad after the first two days of working there. AND I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE CRÉPES. Not just filling and rolling pre-made, pre-purchased ones. I mean, making the actual crépe out of batter, frying it on a griddle, and then doing the filling and rolling. I’m a crépe master. I have learned a valuable skill just in time to probably never use it again. Grr.


Speaking of working at South Quad this week, my boyfriend came to visit me while I was at work. By some stroke of Godcidence (because coincidence doesn’t exist), the 8th graders he works with through his year of service program went on a field trip to U of M yesterday, and they just so happened to eat lunch at South Quad during my shift. The chaos was hilarious. Joe was introducing me to his coworkers, one of whom exclaimed, “I’ve wanted to meet you for so long! You guys are so cute. You’re my inspiration.”

It got even funnier when Joe started introducing me to the 8th graders. At first, it was just a group of 3 or 4 girls, but as soon as they told their classmates that they had met Mr. Joe’s girlfriend, all of a sudden the entire group had to come and watch me hurriedly eat my lunch while I was on my break. I don’t know what he’s been saying about me, but it was the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to being a celebrity.


Yesterday, I finally got my very first Ann Arbor Public Library card. Weirdly, I will likely mostly be checking out children’s books.


Joe is coming to visit me (while not working) again on Sunday, and our plan is to go to a Traditional Latin Mass at Old St. Pat’s. If you haven’t read my post about my first Novus Ordo Mass at Old St. Pat’s, I encourage you to read it so you understand why this makes me so incredibly excited. One of the things I love most about Joe is that he, like me, loves the Church and her traditions, and enjoys Catholic philosophical nerd-out sessions on a regular basis.


My Jewelry In Candles business has perked a little bit more interest in Ann Arbor today, thanks to the free wax melt samples I made from the “Campfire” scent. I only have three left out of the tons that I made, so I feel really happy and accomplished. I hope that the ladies who took the samples stay interested. They sounded pretty excited when I was explaining the products to them, because they’ve never heard of candles that have jewelry hidden insdie. And many had never heard of flameless wax tarts before!


I am working on my first crochet bikini. A friend and coworker of mine asked me to make it for her because purchasing it from somewhere else would mean that it would be incredibly overpriced. I’m very proud of how it’s turning out. As with most of my crochet projects, I tend to modify the patterns that I find if they’re relatively simple, in order to make something a bit more unique and ornate. I used a treble crochet V-Stitch instead of the many rows of single crochet that the pattern suggested, and also added straps to the back so my friend can adjust how tight she wants the bikini top to fit. Here’s a picture of the progress I’ve made so far:


Finally, I’m really sad that spring break is over. Because I worked around twenty-six hours this week, I feel like this break wasn’t much of one. I just hope that I’ve mentally rejuvinated enough that I’ll be able to finish my last semester as an undergrad strong. Prayers would be wonderful!


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