7 Quick Takes Friday: 3/20/15 Edition

Hello again, Friday.


You can tell that spring is finally on the verge of appearing, because the temperature has finally gotten high enough that the snow is melted. (Just wait – now that I’ve said that, it will snow tomorrow.) I didn’t pay any attention at all to what the groundhog “said” on Groundhog Day, because I’d like to think that I’m not superstitious, but I’d like to think that winter is beginning to subside. Which is totally okay with me, because I miss wearing dresses without freezing to death.


I got my last midterm paper back on Tuesday! To my delight, I found that I had done really well on all of my exams and papers for midterms, somehow. That’s always a good thing.


Some events happened this week that make me feel sick to my stomach. I won’t say what they are, to protect the innocent and the guilty (for now). But I will tell you that hypocritical Catholics utterly disgust and disturb me. More than any other kind of person. I generally cut non-Catholics and especially non-Christians some slack because I don’t always expect them to know any better, but you know what? Catholics in general have no excuse when it comes to some pretty basic moral codes. Stealing is wrong. Fornication is wrong. Abortion is wrong. Gossip is wrong.

This last one is the most pertinent to the incident in question. There is NO excuse for a Catholic to find enjoyment in passing around half-truths or outright lies to make other people look bad, get them trouble, or ruin their lives. Are you serious? Does the phrase “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” sound familiar at all? Well, if you participate in gossip, you are breaking a basic rule for being a decent human being, much less a good Catholic. You know better. Shame on you. Satan is the father of lies, the accuser, and that is exactly what gossip is – lies and accusations. It doesn’t matter if there’s a “grain of truth” in the gossip, because even Satan can quote Scripture for his own purposes. Do you even Christian????


In light of all of this anger and frustration, I’ve started my second sock in an attempt to make a mate for the first one. The initial attempt was pretty disastrous. The first hurdle was trying to remember how to join the stitches on my double-pointed needles. The second was trying to figure out tension. I ended up having to unravel my work and start over because the tension was so different from my first sock’s that they didn’t look remotely the same size. It was like Frankenstein’s Monster and his Monster Bride – mismatched and kinda scary.


I made a candle sale this week, and I’m so very glad that my friend likes Jewelry In Candles’ products so much. I really like them too (obviously).


In my attempt to be healthier and stay hydrated, I have made it a daily thing to drink at least 70 oz of water every day. This is based on a health tip I read somewhere that you should drink as many ounces of water as your weight in pounds divided in half. Since I’m around 145 pounds, that’s what I’m doing.

The problem is, I swear that I’m peeing every half hour. It’s really inconvenient, and also really embarrassing. But on the bright side, my acne seems to be clearing up.


My mom came to visit me today for a few hours. I really needed it. Getting to know my fiancé’s mother better makes me miss my own mother – not because my future mother-in-law is awful, but because the familiarity and comfortable, easy relationship isn’t there. My mother knows me so well, and I can be myself around her. I don’t have to tiptoe, afraid to be myself until she knows me better.

I think one of the best things about my relationship with my mother is that our faith is central in both of our lives. We started our time together with daily Mass and Adoration, and just spent silent time praying together and enjoying each other’s presence. Even during our shopping and chatting, there’s a peace and a comfort there that is irreplaceable. I’ve missed her so very much. I owe so much to her and my dad – not just for raising me, but for being such good examples of what real love is and what real holiness looks like. I love them beyond words.

Thanks for reading my 7 Quick Takes Friday post, and be sure to keep an eye out for more posts later!

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