7 Quick Takes Friday: 4/3/15 Edition

So, I totally failed at posting a Friday post last week – but there’s a reason for that!


Concerning my failure to write a 7 Quick Takes Friday post last time, I would like to tell you what happened that day. Last Friday was a campus visit day for my grad school program, the ELMAC (Elementary Education Master of Arts and Certification). We met up for breakfast in the School of Education, and then visited two elementary schools here in Ann Arbor where some of us will be interning. I had a blast. The kids were very well behaved, and had a great relationship with both their regular teacher and with their ELMAC intern – and they were even excited to show me how to make pom-poms out of yarn (which I already knew how to do, ha!) and the presentations they were doing. They were totally unfazed by our sitting in their classrooms and observing the dynamics that were present.

Needless to say, I am thoroughly thrilled at the prospect of interning at one of these schools. They are so incredibly diverse and really care about how their students learn in the classroom – I learned about a method of “discipline” called the Reactive Classroom Environment, which really fascinates me. Basically, rather than doling out punishments that humiliate students, the teachers assign a consequence to a negative action and then allow the student in question to choose how they would like that consequence to occur. It gives them agency and responsibility for their actions, rather than turning the teacher into a “mean” person. It also allows for a quiet corner of the room for rowdy kids to sit in if they need to calm down, so that they don’t miss valuable instruction by being sent out into the hallway – they come back and join the class when they’re ready to focus again. It’s really neat, and I’ve never heard of something like this before.


So, on April Fool’s Day I got a text from my brother (who lives with me) that said we had a mouse in our apartment. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t a joke. We have mousetraps set up in our living room, where our tiny, furry new roommate seems to spend most of his time. That first night, I heard him scampering around, rustling papers and other things – but things have been disturbingly quiet since yesterday, and we’re hoping that he hasn’t found a place to nest.


It’s starting to sink in that I’m graduating from my undergrad in just a few short weeks. I registered for the English Commencement a few days ago, which unfortunately is at the same time as the German festivities. Directly afterward, at 5PM, there is the Baccalaureate Mass at St. Mary’s, which I would really love to attend. It’s really weird to be thinking about these things – and to think that only a month and a half after I graduate, I’ll be back in school until August 2016.


Today, Good Friday, marks the 2-year anniversary of my veiling in the presence of the Eucharist – whether during Mass, during a service, or during Adoration. You name it. I’ve received a lot of mixed reactions to my veiling, ranging from offended to inspired. I’ve heard it all: “Veiling is the Church’s way of oppressing women!” to “Oh, you’re so brave. I couldn’t do that!” But the truth is, veiling is beautiful – and yes, it does take some bravery. There are so many incredible, Biblical, and theological reasons to veil. I’ll likely do a post about why veiling is awesome at another point.


So, after taking the It Works! Greens and Thermofit, I’m starting to be a little disappointed with the latter. After the initial loosening of my pants, which was exciting, I have now gone back to my pre-It Works! weight. It’s a little disheartening. However, I am still happy with the greens, which seem to be similar in some ways to Purium’s Power Shake, if a little bit less potent. I’m going to stick to my Greens until I run out of them, and then make the move over to Purium for my nutritional needs.


Speaking of Purium, I joined this health company this week after doing some serious research into the company, reading its health materials, and meeting an Ann Arbor doctor who works with and loves this company. Basically, all Purium sells is organic, edible plants that are really high in nutrients and other health benefits. Since I’m a promoter now, I’m going to be doing the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation that Purium is famous for. This cleanse helps to flush out all of the artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings, additives, and other unhealthy chemicals that we eat in our processed food – which our body stores inadvertently in our fat. Because you’re only eating organic, non-GMO food for those 10 days, your body is getting all kinds of good things and fewer calories than it needs to run – which means that your body recognizes that it isn’t starving, and therefore burns your fat layer for calories and to remove the toxins it has stored.

I’m super excited to try this and be healthier. I’ve been sick a lot in the last 2 years, and perpetually tired. The research I’ve done into these organic superfoods has gotten me really excited, and even more excited that I’ll be provided with $50 gift cards for anyone who wants to try them, too.


Last Sunday, my fiancé Joe and I visited our first wedding reception venue. It was very nice, and the head of catering there was very helpful and friendly – he gave us some really great ideas that could be applied to any venue we end up choosing. I liked the place a lot, and was pretty impressed. The sad thing is that the colors of the hall are reds and golds, the exact opposite of our wedding colors. The clash is real. So, we’re planning on visiting more venues soon, keeping some of the helpful ideas in mind.

Thank you, as always, for reading my blog. Stay tuned for future posts!


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