The Purium Lifestyle – Day 4

So on Thursday, I began the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation. I stepped on the scale this morning and was utterly dumbfounded.

What the Transformation does is simply change how you eat, and what you eat. Since I started, I have been only eating fruits, vegetables, and green superfoods, mainly the organic power smoothie blend and non-soy legume protein that are included in the Transformation pack. The program has an ‘eat every two hours’ schedule, alternating between the proteins and the smoothie blend, and interspersed with Flex Food 3 times a day, whenever you need it. (Flex Foods and Flex Meals are approved foods to add to your Transformation if you are in need of extra sustenance/calories.) 

Here is a picture and list of what came in my Transformation pack: a blender bottle, the Power Shake, Apothe-Cherry (it’s organic cherry juice concentrate), Super Lytes (Himilayan pink salt and Rooibos tea), Super Aminos (the legume protein mentioned earlier), Super CleansR (walnut, marshmallow root, clove, wormwood, Amalaki, Cascara Sagrada bark, and Senna leaf), a measuring tape, and a cool gym bag.


For the first two days, I was utterly exhausted and had a headache; the lymph node under the left side of my jaw swelled up painfully, as though I were getting sick. I asked multiple other Purium promoters if this was normal, and they said yes – my body was reacting to the detox, and all of the chemicals being released from my fat. My guess is that my white blood cells suddenly interacted with the chemicals with a “Holy crap, what is all this stuff???”

When I woke up on Day 3, yesterday, I had energy from the moment I opened my eyes. I haven’t felt so full of life and energy in… well, years. Just as most high school and college students are, I am typically perpetually tired regardless of how much sleep I get. Now I’m starting to think that it might have to do with all of the cheap, processed food that I usually eat (which is really all I can afford most of the time). I felt so good that I went to the campus recreation center to work out – I was on an elliptical for 15 minutes, and then was on the weight machines for at least a half hour more!

Today is Day 4, and I still have a lot of energy. When I get hungry, I grab a carrot; I made ratatouille yesterday with all fresh vegetables for a Flex meal and for my brother. I haven’t had any meat, dairy, or bread since I started. It’s amazing how much self control it takes for the first few days, but it does get easier as the Transformation progresses. I haven’t weighed myself since before I started the Transformation: I started at 144.8 pounds. This morning, 4 days later, I was shocked to see that I now weigh 137.8 pounds. I haven’t weighed below 140 in at least 2 years! And literally all I have done is change what I’m eating.

I am so impressed. The biggest plus for me is the amount of energy I have and how well I’m sleeping – I’ve had problems falling asleep and staying asleep since I was little, but the last few days I have fallen asleep within minutes of getting into bed. I’ve woken up for 2 days straight feeling awesome and ready to rock.

If you’re interested in learning more, just let me know. I’m too excited not to share!


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