The Purium Lifestyle – Day 56

All in all, I would definitely say that my 10-Day Celebrity Transformation was a success. 

During the course of those 10 days, I lost a total of 9 pounds – and it all appeared to be from my belly fat, which made sense (and also made me very happy). Most of my lower body is muscle, built up from over a decade of Irish step-dancing and other types of workouts, but my belly was my problem spot even when I was at my peak level of fitness. The spare tire has shrunken significantly, much to my delight!


Another great thing that I have noticed, especially during my continuation of a healthier lifestyle, is that I have been sleeping much better. Having had sleep problems for years, I now get tired around 9-9:30 PM and when I fall asleep, I don’t tend to wake up as much. I wake up feeling rested, which is a nice change after at least 8 years of feeling chronically tired.

Although my first Transformation ended almost 2 months ago, I am still losing weight without trying very hard. I have friends (and they have friends) who calorie count religiously, wear their FitBits and other fitness devices in order to track the number of steps they take each day, and more. I feel as though my health journey has been so much less stressful than theirs, which makes me both wonder how in the world they function and also wish they knew how easy and enjoyable it can be. My diet has changed significantly since my Transformation, but definitely more in a health-conscious way than in a weight-loss way. My overall routine has altered more toward this:

Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. Avoid bread, meat, and dairy (but if you really want some, go ahead; just keep moderation in mind). Tend toward low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. Avoid processed foods, especially ones with processed sugar. Drink your Power Shake in the morning, and your Apothe-Cherry at night. Go to bed as soon as you start to feel tired. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

It may seem like a lot to some and very little to others. My lifestyle change has actually made me feel more beautiful and comfortable in my own skin, and the sheer amount of peace and contentment I feel has made it so much easier for me to go about my daily life. I haven’t been perfect in my new lifestyle, but that’s okay – my focus on avoiding certain foods rather than eliminating them from my life altogether has made the transition so much easier, and helps me not to feel guilty when I do eat a pizza, snitch some of my brother’s candy, or eat a bunch of cheese. I’m able to enjoy my life better because I feel so much better, and I have to say, the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation has be
en worth every single penny and I’m so glad that I did it.

To date, I have lost 14.6 pounds in total since April 6th, 2015 – the first day of my first Transformation. And all just by being healthy. Praise the Lord for His creations; He has provided everything we need to be happy, healthy, and holy individuals, and all we have to do is seek it out.


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