Becoming a Mommy-preneur

I would say that on the whole, most adult women have heard of Mary Kay at some point in their lives – even if they don’t know what it is. I was one of those women, and I’ve never been more grateful to learn about a company than I am in regards to Mary Kay and the awesome adventure that has unfolded for me because of it.

I grew up in a family that seemed to barely make ends meet. I learned early on that the “American Dream” that hard work brings financial success simply isn’t true for most people. My parents are brilliant, well-educated, talented people… and we still grew up poor. But the years that we were poor were the years we were the happiest.

Our 5 years of solid middle class standing were short-lived and took a huge toll on my parents’ spiritual, physical, and emotional health and also negatively affected our family dynamic as a whole. That middle class lifestyle took so much life out of my parents. They were both overworked and perpetually exhausted, and I rarely remember seeing them awake other than when they were driving us to and from dance classes and competitions. Before that, we might have been poor and barely making ends meet – but we had our parents there for us.

What Mary Kay offers is a completely possible bridge between comfortable living and being there for your family. What Mary Kay offers is the hope of the “American Dream,” that anyone can be successful with hard work and guidance. I’ve seen it work for my fellow consultants, and I’ve heard the stories of a dozen Sales Directors who grew up with poor backgrounds not unlike my own. Not only is it possible, but it’s also possible for me.

I joined Mary Kay as a consultant because there were some immediate, awesome perks that made me absolutely thrilled. The skin care Timewise Miracle Set cleared my acne in two months – acne that I’d struggled with since 7th grade with no luck. (My pregnancy hormones temporarily altered my skin back to puberty-level acne, but it has been improving since the beginning of the 2nd trimester!) My sales director and the other consultants with whom I trained are some of the most positive, supportive, kind people I’ve ever met, which meant that I had some very fast, very wonderful friends. The makeup lasts longer and better than any makeup I’d ever used previously, even with sweat and heat (which makes me wish I’d known about Mary Kay when I was still dancing competitively). Through booking parties, I got to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in ages, and to meet new people who were pretty awesome. And the 50% discount on Mary Kay products wasn’t so bad either!

Being an expectant mom has completely shifted my goals for my Mary Kay business. Now, instead of it merely being a way to supplement my income (which is earned in a traditional 9-5 office job), I find myself aiming higher – I want to be home with my baby, and any other kids I have in the future. Which means I will need to completely replace my current income. My hope is to eventually phase out of my current job; not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I want to be there for my growing family.

The outrageously high earning potential, the ability to earn a free car (YES, FOR REAL), and the unadulterated flexibility that Mary Kay offers is my ticket to being a stay-at-home-mom who still brings in an income. To me, that’s invaluable. Is the path ahead rather daunting? Absolutely. But my fellow consultants and team members are incredibly supportive, as are my customers who have fallen in love with Mary Kay’s products and Golden Rule philosophy the same way I have. I am going to make this happen. I will not be the first Mary Kay consultant to make her dreams happen, and I will not be the last.

So if you see Mary Kay things on my Facebook or you read about it on my blog from time to time, know that it is because it is something I am passionate about. I’ve been dreaming pink for a while now, and I have my sights set on a future where I can raise my children to see that their Mama can do anything she sets her sights on – and so can they.


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