The Trump Travesty

This morning, I got up and actively avoided checking my phone to see who won the election for at least an hour. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, did my makeup, fixed my hair, ate a banana for breakfast. And then I took the plunge… only to find that Donald Trump had swept up the necessary electoral votes to become President Elect.

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Becoming a Mommy-preneur

I would say that on the whole, most adult women have heard of Mary Kay at some point in their lives – even if they don’t know what it is. I was one of those women, and I’ve never been more grateful to learn about a company than I am in regards to Mary Kay and the awesome adventure that has unfolded for me because of it.

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Depression During Pregnancy?

Prior to my current pregnancy, I hadn’t done a whole lot of research on perinatal depression – depression symptoms and episodes that take place during pregnancy and in the first year after delivering the baby (this includes postpartum depression). I’ve learned that there is a lot of stigma around moms who struggle with depression, especially during what is supposed to be a very joyful time. Continue reading

Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Christian Grey

In the wake of the released tape of Donald Trump’s “lewd” comments about women, I have seen any number of reactions to what any psychologically healthy person would recognize as a glorification of sexual assault. “Have you forgotten what Bill Clinton did?” is one such reaction. “It’s just locker room talk. Guys talk dirty all the time,” is another. “If women are so outraged by Donald Trump’s comments from 10 years ago, who bought those 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey?” is yet another.

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“Day By Day” Christianity

There seems to be, in my humble experience, a certain kind of attitude toward God that is pervading American Christianity (both Catholics and Protestants). One of my undergrad professors mentioned to me that while in Italy a few years ago, he saw an Italian magazine article about American Christianity that really disturbed him. The cover photo was a man in sunglasses, a tropical shirt, and shorts, sipping a drink while lying on a poolside lounger; behind him was not only a pool, but also a gigantic mansion. This image in and of itself was not what my professor found disturbing. Rather, it was the caption, which read, “What can Jesus do for YOU?” Continue reading